Laser Tag

Laser Tag

Laser Tag Rental for your event

Games on wheels now offers state of the art laser tag that can be rented by the hour or packaged with the game truck for the ultimate experience.

Our brand-new laser tag is super fun for all ages and its very user friendly. We believe that a 3 year old will be able to play and enjoy this fun experience along with older players of any age.

This laser tag fun experience comes with;

  • Ten Razorback Pro Battle Rifles (Revolution) – Includes NEW Stainless-Steel Hardware! Sleek and rugged fully composite laser tagger made from space age composite material used in precision firearms. The Razorback is designed to do the heavy lifting in any laser tag armory. Simply put this is the best laser tag gun in the world.
  • Domination box (king of the Hall) each domination box represents a territory for players to capture which is done by shooting at the box’s sensor, the Domination Box will change colors depending on which team is shooting it. After the game is over, the Domination Box will display in a pie chart each team’s colors. This allows players to see how competitive the game was, and also displays the winning team.
  • game box In addition to its ability to be a number of battlefield props such as medic kits, ammo kits, proximity mines, sentry guns, & re-spawn boxes, The Game Box 2.0 Enables New Gaming Features Including, Search & Destroy, Zombies/Infection and Capture the Flag.
  • Six field bunkers and two re-spawn station bunkers.

Standard Packages:

Two Hours: $300

Four Hours: $500

Six Hours: $650

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