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Frequently Asked Questions & GOW Policies

Please know booking any party or event with GOW solidifies your agreement with our polices listed below.

How does booking work?

Once you book your event/party with us, a 30% deposit will be required to officially reserve the date/time. If not, cancellation within 24 hours will occur. The remaining balance is to be paid in full by the day of the party. Once you book, an email notification will be sent to you. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive confirmation within 15 minutes.

What payments are accepted?

Booking a party requires a valid credit or debit card only. On occasion, we use Zelle. Give us a call if you have any questions.

Do we refund (due to bad weather, rescheduling, or cancellation)?

Games on Wheels (GOW) does not refund for bad weather. If it’s safe, rain or shine, we will be there and ready to show up! If it’s too hot, we also have A/C!

However, we are more than willing to reschedule your event. We know life happens, and things change! However, your event must be rescheduled within 24 hours of the event (*Again, no refunds. Paid balance will be applied to the next event).

** CANCELLATION FEE: There will be a $75-dollar cancellation fee for all events canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled event.

How far does GOW travel?

GOW travels anywhere in Houston and the surrounding area. WE HAVE NO LIMITS. We enjoy meeting our customers everywhere. If you are out of Houston or the surrounding area, please call!

(There is a travel fee for Austin, San Antonio, etc.)

How does wifi work for online games?

GOW uses the customer’s wifi to play online games. Our game trucks are equipped with a wifi extender to assist in connecting with the location’s wifi (home, apartment, school, event space).

How many kids can fit and play at the same time?

GOW mobile gaming trucks can both comfortably fit 15-20 kids. Our BLAST truck has an outdoor playing area with two screens available to play. If you have more than 15-20 children that show up, that’s okay! GOW Game Coach will help include everyone and help everyone take turns. For bigger parties, we also offer Laser Tag package options!

Is GOW taking precautions due to COVID?

Yes, we care about each of you! GOW is proactive with cleaning and sanitizing equipment and seats between each event.

Where does the game truck park?

GOW needs a level and safe area to park either game trucks (no hills). High traffic areas or busy streets are not safe. We do not park on driveways unless requested by the client to ensure the safety of our customers and staff (see below). Either truck needs 60 square feet to set up.

Unsure if you have the space? Just give us a call we can work something out! We will drive to the nearest park to make it work if need be.

Can we eat or drink the mobile trucks?

Although you may do so outside/near the trucks, accidents happen, and we understand this, so GOW does not permit any food or drinks in the gaming trucks.

*** Alcohol is used at the customer’s discretion. However, it is not allowed on the trucks or near the equipment. No drugs are permitted at a GOW-hosted party. We reserve the right to cancel any event if the use of illegal narcotics or excessive alcohol is observed.

Who will host the party?

GOW has a Game Coach that attends your event. The Game Coach will help and guide each child. We are there to bring the fun and make new memories.

Do I need to supervise my child?

Yes, please. Our Game Coach is there to host and help the children play while monitoring. However, for safety purposes, we require a parent or responsible adult to be present at the event. Children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult inside the gaming truck at all times. Toddlers must be carried and held at all times and are not permitted to play with controllers or other equipment without direct supervision.

Oops! How do we handle accidents/damages to the equipment/trucks and/or surrounding areas?

We understand accidents happen, although GOW reserves the right to charge clients for negligence/carelessness of equipment and/or damages done due to breaking a policy listed above by attendants (market price of equipment). GOW is not liable for any injuries or accidents that take place on the client’s property, in-game truck(s) and/or event space (location). Also, please know GOW Game Coaches will not be responsible for any damage to property if a certain location or parking style is requested by the client.

****All liability for damages/injuries is the sole responsibility of the client/host.

Thank you for Booking with us!!